Collegian addresses campus feud, relationships


Friday’s To The Point column features the editorial board’s favorite and least favorite Fourum comments throughout the week. The board members will state their opinions about selected Fourum comments.

Hey, to the other eight colleges at K-State: We were here first. If you don’t like it, you can leave. Love, the College of Agriculture.

The Collegian has no beef with the College of Ag. We like to eat juicy cheeseburgers just as much as we like to read a good newspaper. Let’s cease the battle and commune.

Fourum, I’m sorry I cheated on you 15 times over spring break. I’ll take you out to a nice pizza dinner to make it up.

The Fourum does not make spring break booty calls, but the Collegian would love free pizza!

To the two making out in the Hale Library stacks: That was hot.

We hear there are wild stories about sucking face in the stacks, but we’ve never actually seen it happen. So did you have an audience or was the poor soul walking by a victim of your foul play? To the guy that is single and looking for a good girl: Don’t give up, because we’re still out there.

To the single guy probably living in his parents’ basement playing with his Wii: Maybe if you were involved on campus, you would find quality girls.