‘Spring Fling’ interests students


Each spring, K-State residence halls put together an activity for members of different dorms to have a good time and get to know each other. However, beginning in 1966 through the late 1980s, halls used to have a much anticipated, annual event for residents and members living in campus facilities not affiliated with the greek system. It was Spring Fling and a huge success before falling out of favor in the 1990s.

The following article is a staff report from the April 15, 1966, Collegian announcing the first Spring Fling at K-State.

Wildcat and Kitten

to Reign Halls,

Initiate Spring Fling

Though spring officially began March 20, K-State’s own Spring Fling will begin Monday.

That date will mark the beginning of Spring Fling Week, being sponsored by the K-State Association of Residence Halls for independent students.

Spring Fling Week, a first here, will give 3,000 dorm residents and other independents a chance to “fling,” said Mike Farmer, chairman of the week’s activities.

A hootenanny in front of Boyd, Van Zile and Putnam at 4 Monday afternoon will initiate the week’s activities. Candidates for “Wildcat” and “Wildkitten” will be presented during the hootenanny.

The elected Wildcat and Wildkitten will be announced at a leadership banquet in Kramer Food Center Tuesday. Featured banquet speakers will be Thomas Frith, assistant dean of students and Don Steeples, AGE Jr, president of KSUARH.

Caroline Peine, assistant dean of women, will speak on “Today’s Women Tomorrow” at an Associated Women Students Symposium, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Friday night, all women’s dorms will provide music for dancing and refreshments.

Saturday’s activities include games, balloon fights, tug of war, a hootenanny and a bed race.

The bed race will begin at 11 Saturday morning and will cover more than two miles. The six beds entered will match teams of four boys pushing decorated beds containing four girls each. Awards will be given to the first bed across the finish line and also to the most unique bed.

“Spring Fling Week” will end with a dance at Derby Food Center, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, with Eric and the Norsemen.