Senate to swear in new members of SGA cabinet


Student Governing Association Student Senate is set to approve 10 students to Student Body President Lydia Peele’s cabinet tonight. Holly Myers, sophomore in life sciences, will be sworn in as a student senator to fill a vacancy.

In floor action, the senate will review legislation clarifying whether a senator’s absence can be considered excused or unexcused under certain circumstances. This legislation is intended to settle an issue of course loads and schedules of student senators, especially those from the College of Veterinary Medicine, and establish consistency of the absence policy from year to year, according to the agenda.

Other legislation in final action includes the 2009 appropriation of the Student Centered Tuition Enhancements Fund and creation of the Special Committee on Big 12 Student Government Affairs.

SCTEF provides money to university programs that do not receive funds from other sources and provides initial funding to new programs. Proposed allocations for fiscal year 2009 include 15 different programs that will receive a total of $1,059,000. This resolution is a correction of Res. 07/08/83, which contained an error.

The new special committee will consist of 10 members of Student Senate and will be responsible for planning the 2008 Big 12 Student Government Leadership Conference and Big 12 Day.

The leadership conference will take place at K-State and will include representatives from every Big 12 school.

“Our plan [for the Big 12 Leadership Conference] is to highlight some of the projects we’re proud of and to show that we really care about the people here,” said Student Body President Lydia Peele.?

The biggest challenge the new special committee will face is making sure the event is well organized and includes enough activities to fill the event, Peele, senior in mathematics education, said. She said SGA has already made progress in organizing the conference.

Presidential Cabinet Appointees

Chief of Staff – Mary Fox, junior in political science

State Governmental Relations Director – Katie Beye,

senior in political science

City Relations Director – Brandon Steinert, junior in mass communications

International Affairs Director ­­- Addison Kirkland, sophomore in family studies human services

Multicultural Affairs Director – Tonshia Luster, Diversity and Dual Career Development administrative assistant

Public Relations Director ­- Ashley Hanson, junior in mass communications

Residence Hall Liaison – Kayla Horsky, sophomore in family studies human services

Student Affairs Director – Melanie Peele, sophomore in pre-professional secondary education

Technology Coordinator – Tim Weninger, graduate student in computer science

Director of Sustainability ­- Michael Bell, senior in architectural engineering