Go out and play on campus


Since we were children, we’ve been forced to be conscious of our health and diet. Our parents encouraged us to drink our milk, eat our carrots and play outside, weather permitting. As we have become adults, that health consciousness has become a major part of our everyday lives. It is during times like this we should keep drinking our milk, eating our carrots and playing outside.

That time is spring. As we pack away our jeans, jackets and jean jackets and dust off our sandals and shorts, the opportunities for improving our health are becoming more easily accessible.

When the weather gets nicer, more people start to exercise and play sports outdoors. No more racquetball or treadmills, because April has finally allowed us to do one of the most “college” activities possible: playing sports on campus.

Frisbee and hacky sack are staples of the American college campus. While some might view playing catch or disc golf on campus as lame or pointless, these activities are great ways to enjoy the weather and the campus.

There also aren’t a lot of substitute sports this time of year. K-State football doesn’t start for another four months and by the time basketball starts, we will have elected a new president. And besides, the best sports are the ones that you can play, not just watch. If you have a couple hours between classes, why not grab a baseball and your glove and play catch with a friend?

Going to the Rec is a great way to stay in shape, but after a while you start to look out the windows by the treadmills. You notice the grass getting greener and you don’t see as many people sprinting to the front doors to avoid the icy winds.

So wear some comfortable shoes, or no shoes at all, and kick the soccer ball or hacky sack around for a little bit. Take advantage of it now before the grass turns brown from the heat. Once the summer temperatures take over, feel free to seek refuge in the air-conditioned buildings on campus.

If you’re not a sports fan, it is always entertaining to watch others throw a Frisbee around, especially when they lose it on a roof or in a tree. So exercise, have fun and have a laugh. It’s spring, and it’s time to release our inner hippie.

Owen Kennedy is a senior in management. Please send comments to sports@spub.ksu.edu.