Former K-State football player arrested by RCPD


A former K-State linebacker was arrested June 5 on charges of battery, criminal trespassing, violation of a stalking order and aggravated burglary, according to a Riley County Police Department report.

Jeff Kelly was arrested for two separate but related incidents involving his ex-wife, Kelle Branting, who is a former K-State volleyball player.

According to RCPD Lt. Kurt Moldrup, Kelly went to his ex-wife’s workplace and poked her with his finger. Kelly violated a previous restraining order when he arrived at her workplace.

In the other incident Kelly allegedly went to his ex-wife’s house and removed her cell phone, Moldrup said.

The charges resulting from this incident are criminal trespassing, violation of a protective order and battery.

Moldrup said Kelly was held for 48 hours in jail and then released on bond.

Moldrup also said this is standard procedure any time a protective order is violated.

After his K-State career, Kelly went on to play for the Atlanta Falcons.