Volunteer efforts noticed


The tornado that ripped through Manhattan destroyed homes and businesses, but the winds could not blow away was the hope and resiliency of the Manhattan community.

Mere hours after the winds died down last Wednesday night, members of the K-State Division of Facilities were on campus working to restore our beautiful campus.

Similarly, work crews all over the city were out in the wee hours cleaning up immediately after the storm swept through Manhattan.

Miller Ranch – arguably the hardest hit residential area in town – also received a lot of help from those in the community.

Members of the K-State football team also traveled to Miller Ranch to lend their time and muscle to the clean-up efforts.

Also, while there was looting in certain areas of town, only two reports were confirmed, said Lt. Kurt Moldrup of the Riley County Police Department.

Now that the dust has settled, Manhattanites, K-Staters and all those affected by the storms should be proud of their quiet strength and will to carry on and encourage those suffering around them.