Changes can save students cash and gas


    No one thought it would get this bad, but here it is: we’re finally paying $4 for a single gallon of gas. Unimaginably high gas prices have been threatened by Chicken Little reporters for the last five years, but this time our fears have finally been realized.

    While we cannot do much to lower gas prices right now, there are a few ways for college students to cut back. That way, we can save ourselves from making another heartbreaking call to our parents to tell them we aren’t going to make it home again because we cannot afford the gas.

    First, it would be convenient if Parking Services would continue running the shuttle from the Peters Recreation Complex and KSU Foundation Center to the K-State Student Union. The parking garage isn’t finished, and most of the students who used the shuttle during the school year are still in town and would continue to use it over the summer.

    For students, we recommend tuning up that old bike and riding it everywhere possible. Two wheels are the best way to get around these days, and for $60-$70, you can buy a decent bike for the cost of a single fill-up at the gas station.

    You hear it all the time, but riding a bike truly is great exercise that gives you more time to get to class and takes some stress out of your day.

    Though buying a new car just to get better gas mileage might not be in most college students’ budgets, we encourage those who are looking to consider a hybrid car. With no end in sight to the energy crisis, these innovative vehicles are starting to look like the true future of the automobile.