Local man arrested for 12 drug offenses


    The Riley County Police Department arrested Michael Lee Baker, 43, of Manhattan, on 12 drug-related charges Monday night at the intersection of Kansas Highway 18 and Walnut Drive, RCPD Lt. Kurt Moldrup said.

    RCPD officers stopped Baker’s vehicle and carried out a search warrant. Police then arrested him on two counts of possession of a simulated controlled substance; four counts of sale of an opiate, opium or narcotic; two counts of not having a tax stamp; two counts of unlawful possession of a depressant; one count of unlawful sale of a depressant; and one count for unlawful use of a telecom device.

    Baker’s bond was set at $35,000.
    Moldrup said the arrest was part of the “normal, ongoing enforcement of Kansas drug laws in the Manhattan area.”

    Tisha Leigh Haffener, 19, also of Manhattan, was in the car with Baker and was arrested for possession of a simulated controlled substance, sale of an opiate, opium or narcotic, unlawful possession of a depressant and not having a drug tax stamp. Her bond was set at $5,000, Moldrup said.