Potter photo predictions


“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” the latest installment in the series of Harry Potter movies, is slated for release on Nov. 21. Fans have been calling for a trailer for weeks now and the studio answered, but not in the way many would have hoped.

    Rather than producing a trailer, production pictures have been released, letting us know a little more about what the movie will be like.

    If nothing else, these pictures let us get a little more excited about a movie most fans already know will be awesome.

    Be careful as you read on if you are one of the casual fans who only watches the movies. There will be spoilers.


    Here is one of the few disappointments in the pictures.

    In the book, Horace Slughorn is described as a short, fat man with a bushy mustache, but we can see from this picture he is none of the above. Instead, he is a tall, relatively skinny man with no visible facial hair. He will no doubt be the vain, pure-blood-loving character from the book in the movie version, but without the physical attributes to back it up.

    Another troubling inaccuracy with this photo lies in the students that make up the class. Neville Longbottom can be seen standing in the back of the room and all the Potter fans know he does not take potions in his sixth year.


    At first glance, this seems to be an average shot of Dumbledore sitting in his office with a worried look on his face.

    When the story begins in the book, Dumbledore is off on an adventure looking for Marvolo’s ring. What happens when he finds it? His arm is cursed and he almost dies due to the horcurx’s effects.

    This picture shows Dumbledore deep in thought, perhaps worrying about the intricate plan he is setting up for Harry.

    While we can’t be sure what is going through Dumbledore’s head, at the very least, we know the wheels are turning.


    As those who have already read the book know, Ron joins the Quidditch team in his sixth year, which creates another exciting route for the story to travel.

    Some might think this picture depicts part of the game, but it has to be the tryouts because of all the new people standing behind Ron. None of them have been seen on the Quidditch pitch before, so we can assume they are all wanna-bes.

    I hope the quidditch games in the new movie will be like those in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” — exciting and action-packed.

(Bottom right):

    One of the most biggest storylines in the sixth book revolves around Harry’s obsession with catching Draco Malfoy, his archenemy, in Death Eater activities.

    We find out at the end of the book that Malfoy is, in fact, helping to plot the demise of Dumbledore.
    We can only assume this is a picture of Draco contemplating the difficult task the Dark Lord has set for him.

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