Hot times on campus


    Summer is usually seen as a time for campus to rejuvenate after two long semesters, but it seems campus is as busy as ever. With its varied slate of science, journalism, music and basketball camps, among others, summer gives K-Staters a time to show off our campus. The Division of Facilities keeps the beautiful vegetation green even in these hot months, and K-State Student Union employees organize many large events without a full staff of their own.

    When students see potential K-State students on campus, they should greet them with a Wildcat welcome. This is the time to prove how beautiful and friendly our university truly is. So, if there is trash, pick it up. If campers look lost, point them in the correct direction. Volunteer to talk to future students in your college or department. This is a great opportunity to talk to others about K-State’s value.

    Soon, the fall semester will bring swarms of students back to campus, but it is important for the few and proud summer students to stay K-State proud.