RCPD nets 30 DUIs in latest series of patrols, checkpoints


    The Riley County Police Department has wrapped up a series of sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols and Lt. Steve Boyda concluded the checkpoints are better in some ways.
    “The saturation patrols are more productive because it allows the patrol more freedom,” Boyda said. “But sobriety checkpoints are more effective, because we stop everyone that is traveling down that stretch of road and everyone knows what is happening.”
    Boyda said a saturation patrol is different from a checkpoint because it consists of two teams of two officers who patrol the Manhattan area. They watch for impaired driving and traffic violations, including motorists who show signs of alcohol or drug consumption.
    In all five saturation patrols combined, police stopped 131 cars and arrested 13 people for driving under the influence. However, in the three sobriety checkpoints conducted, officers stopped 698 vehicles and made 17 DUI arrests.
    The RCPD conducted the most recent sobriety checkpoint Saturday night. Officers stopped a total of 246 cars and made seven DUI arrests.
    The series was funded by a $10,000 grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation that allowed the RCPD to administer a total of five saturation patrols and three sobriety checkpoints for the 2008 fiscal year.
    The grant that funds the saturation patrols and checkpoints is renewable every year, Boyda said.    
    “The RCPD must apply for the grant each year,” Boyda said. “We will continue to apply for the grant as long as the money is available.”