Women: Sorry for Spencer



    Before we go anywhere, I need to make clear that the target audience of this column is women everywhere. Specifically those who watch the MTV reality television show “The Hills.”
    I would like to apologize to females everywhere for Spencer Pratt. The vast majority of the statements he makes and the behavior he displays cause me to hang my head and sigh with embarrassment. He is a whiney, self-centered shadow of a man who deserves fame as much as China deserved the Olympics.
    Though he has many downfalls, Spencer’s extremely short memory is what most quickly embarrasses me.
    During the show’s fall 2008 season premier, we saw Spencer act as if Heidi was telling him she wants to get two single beds for the master bedroom when she said her sister might be staying with them for a couple of weeks.
    I wish I could physically shake him and ask him where he stayed after Heidi put down the pipe for a few episodes last season and kicked him out. He went to his sister Stephanie’s house and laid around all day while his sister went to class. The worst part was when Steph asked him to clean up a bit, and Spencer asked her to be quiet so he could watch “24.”
    I just can’t understand why Stephanie didn’t kick him out right there. I can imagine seeing that flesh-colored beard every day is quite enough to get your blood pumping. But when that beard is on the face of your worthless, lay-about brother who contributes nothing of purpose to your life, the pressure to has to be overwhelming.
    I can also guarantee you this; if my sister asked me to clean up after myself while I was staying at her house, my answer would not have been much more cooperative than Spencer’s.
    On a side note, I also dislike him because he is famous for no  legitimate reason.
    All he had to do was make an unfounded accusation about one of his sort-of famous girlfriend’s famous friends to get the flame going. Media outlets like TMZ and MTV were quick to fan the flame to power their “Southern California is Utopia” message.
    The most embarrassing aspect of this entire ordeal is simply that I watch this show. The good-looking girls and glamorous lifestyle were enough to draw me to one episode, but the relentlessly upbeat attitude of Lauren Conrad after everything MTV has done to her is why I go back every week. I guess I just need that shot of So-Cal once a week to keep me down to earth.
    Before I let you go, allow me to address just one argument people might have against my case. This seed of doubt is planted by those who point to the fact that “The Hills” is edited. I understand this, but I have a logical question that could follow in such a rational argument: “How can the producers of the show make Spencer’s interception of Heidi in Las Vegas look like anything else?”

Eric Davis is a senior in print journalism. Please send comments to edge@spub.ksu.edu.