Friends leave sorority house, experiment in leisure time


    It’s the year I thought would never arrive: the milestone known as senior year.
    Every week, I pick a song that represents where I am in my life. This week’s obsession has to be “The Good Life” by Kanye West. I’m sure life will continue to be good throughout the semester, but I have also come to realize the college circus soon will end for yours truly.
    For now, I look back at where I have lived and where I have yet to go. My linear trail has taken me from the residence halls to the sorority and now to the Brothel.
    I’m sure you probably just re-read that line, but I don’t actually live in a real Brothel, it’s just my new house’s nickname. The Brothel is a small, white house where seven real women live. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true — we are best friends.
    So far, our lives at the Brothel have consisted of too much time spent drooling over Michael Phelps’ stunning body, learning how to cook macaroni and cheese and playing tennis on Nintendo Wii at all hours of the night.
    The personalities of the people living under the Brothel’s roof range from “the weekend party animal” to “the super-spotless-clean freak.”
    Some families have a stay-at-home mom, but at the Brothel, we have a stay-at-home friend — her name is Claire. And I can’t forget Pinky, who walks around in her leopard-print nighty in the middle of the afternoon.
    If you are living with new roommates or your best friends, remember to always compromise. Though Bob and I didn’t want to take back the stuffed dolphin I “borrowed” from a bar, I still had to listen to my roommates and compromise.
    I am constantly learning from each of my Brothel roommates. I have learned we are all searching for the perfect boy who will bring you a rose and kiss you on the cheek in front of your entire sorority, or that your life plan might include culinary school.
    Believe me, there are plenty more of these lessons to learn and silly moments to share at the Brothel.

Salena Strate is a senior in mass communications. Please send comments to