Police warn students of scam


    At the start of most semesters, businesses look for new and interesting ways to profit from incoming students.
    Traveling salespeople especially choose this time of year to prey on students by going door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions.
    Lt. Kurt Muldrup of the Riley County Police Department said there are often crimes associated with these types of business people, but it is difficult to make the connection.
    Muldrup also said the police department keeps an eye out for door-to-door sales when the department knows there will be a higher than usual number in the area.
    “We usually do a crackdown on these types [of crime] at the beginning of the year,” he said.
    Muldrup said crimes like break-ins and thefts sometimes follow the salespeoples’ visits, but it is difficult to make any solid connections.
    Muldrup also said those visited by the salesmen should call the police immediately to report the crime.
    Canvassing area neighborhoods to sell these subscriptions is not against the law as long as the those who do so have obtained a permit from the City of Manhattan.
    The permit can be obtained in the customer service office in City Hall. There is a $15 daily fee, per applicant. Year-long permits can be purchased for $150.