Protect yourself from STDs: Get tested regularly


College is a time for new experiences, and since one fourth of K-State’s student population is new to campus this fall, it might be time for a refresher course on sexual safety.
    Within the next few days on campus, Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators will be doing its best to enlighten the student body about sexual-health awareness.
    There are multitudes of ways to protect ourselves in sexual situations, and most people are hopefully aware of protection basics like condoms, birth control pills, patches and inserts, as well as the vow of abstinence.
    It’s one thing to be safe and use some form of protection during the physical act of sex, but it is something totally different to be aware of your sexual health.
    If you are a student who is sexually active, remember to get yourself tested regularly. Even if you’re not sexually active on a regular basis, it would still be in your interest to be tested.
    Not all STDs show signs; however, most are treatable or controllable with today’s medical advancements.
    It’s not just the United States that is promoting sexual health. Cities around the world are jumping on the sexual-safety-awareness bandwagon and have high hopes that their campaigns will help to encourage awareness.
    India released a ring tone in August that said “condom, condom,” and China is distributing free condoms in hotel rooms.
    If the world is doing it, K-State should be able to really make it stick.
    Remember — it’s easy to be safe, but it’s never safe to be easy.