Tom Brady’s injury will shift power in the NFL, but where?


    So Tom Brady’s season is over.
    It was obvious to me that this was good news to most. I was sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings watching Sunday’s games when it happened, and the place exploded in celebration.
    Everyone was happy except the one Brady fan sitting in there.
    What does that mean for all the Tom Brady haters out there and the fans of the other 31 NFL teams around the league?
    It’s likely a shift of power will take place in the NFL, but we won’t know where that is after just one week of NFL games.
    If we base the season off Week 1, Falcons’ running back Michael Turner will run an MVP season and take Atlanta back to the playoffs.
    Peyton Manning and the Colts will look to rebuild in the draft after finally not making the playoffs.
    And after Vince Young, who is apparently the Zach Greinke of the Titans, leaves professional football for personal reasons, Tennessee will be forced to start over at quarterback.
    But it seems more likely that none of that will happen this season. Instead some of the focus will go to the AFC East and who can dethrone the Patriots.
    You have to keep in mind though that the Patriots are 1-0 without Brady. Yes, they beat the Chiefs. But you have to think New England is in a bit of trouble after they let the Chiefs nearly tie the game in the last minute.
    ESPN already has been on top of this story, and their pick for the East couldn’t be more obvious. Immediately they have thrown the Jets into the playoffs. Of course, they have to: they gave so much coverage to the Brett Favre situation this summer, the New York “Bretts” have to be a playoff pick.
    Other than the Patriots, the Chargers should be pretty concerned. With no New England, they should be the obvious AFC pick, and many have picked them to go to the Super Bowl. Now they have no Shawne Merriman, and they struggled to keep the Panthers from coming back to beat them.
    Still it’s the first week, and if you base it all off the first week, the Steelers and Falcons could be sure Super Bowl selections.
    Take this into account: A common preseason pick for the Super Bowl has been Chargers vs. Seahawks. Both those teams struggled in their first week, and the Seahawks were outmatched by the Bills.
    The Bills?
    How about this for an AFC Championship game based off of week one observations: Bills against the Ravens. That’s a pretty crazy turnaround from a year ago.
    So how will Brady’s injury affect your team? It’s hard to say for certain. But there could be a new team replacing New England in the postseason.

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