Defining relationships can become overwhelming for couples


    Dating is always a roller-coaster process, and it’s no different at the Brothel.
    This typically includes meeting Mr. Perfect, going out on a few dates and making sure he’s not a Stage 5 clinger — all before introducing him to the roommates for approval.
    For some reason, the Brothel does attract what we like to call attached men or Stage 5 clingers. You know, the creepy guy who always seems to be at the next bar we venture to, just hanging back, waiting for an invite.
    Another example of a recent clinger was the guy who wouldn’t stop holding my roommate Sammi’s hand at the end of the night. Yes, those are the clingers who never seem to take the hint. However, eventually you do meet a possible keeper and take the risk of introducing him to the Brothel mates.
    After Mr. Perfect has triumphantly exceeded my roommates’ expectations — it’s time for the dreaded DTR, or the Defining The Relationship conversation.
    With any new relationship in the Brothel, my roommates and I will constantly check on the status of the DTR. This conversation usually turns into a “what if?” situation. What if he will DTR over the phone? What if you fall asleep before he DTRs? All these thoughts come to mind, because I myself have a fear of the DTR.
    Pinky is the roommate who is most reluctant to commit. She squirms when you talk about her love interest who recently brought up DTR while watching a weight-loss program. Pinky finally did say yes to Mark after he convinced her they should officially be together in a relationship. I guess you just know when you know.
    For those of us who are scared of the DTR, it’s a fear because having that conversation means you are officially in a relationship and that can be unnerving. There’s a status that goes with it, you have to do the facebook thing, and you have to define who you are for this other person. That can be hard when you’re like me and like to change who you are on a daily basis.
    Though I might have issues with having a DTR conversation, my roommates can rest assured that one day we will all DTR. We won’t become crazy cat ladies, and hopefully we can laugh about our awkward DTR moments together in the years to come.