Murphy explains 2nd junior year, academic troubles


    Deon Murphy is one of the more experienced receivers returning for the Wildcats this season. During Murphy’s sophomore campaign, he caught 57 receptions for 605 yards and five touchdowns while also rushing for two scores and returning a punt for a touchdown.
    In limited action as only a special teams player in the first game, Murphy returned six punts for 68 yards with a long of 30 yards setting up a Keithen Valentine touchdown on the first offensive play of the game. In the game against Montana State, Murphy broke two long plays with a 70-yard reception and 44-yard rush. Murphy, a junior from Houston, recently answered a variety of questions, ranging from his problems with academics to his hobbies.

Q: Recently it’s been reported that you have an extra year of eligibility. How did all of that come along?

A:    I wasn’t a full-time student when I first started junior college. I didn’t even realize I had an extra year until a couple weeks ago.

Q: How hard was it to sit out all spring practice and not be able to play because of academics?

A: It was hard, man. It’s always hard when you have guys looking up to you. I’m glad I’m back for the season, though.

Q: How do you balance your school work and football?

A: It’s all up to how you balance your time. We study with each other and have study halls as a team.

Q: What’s it like being named 2007 Big 12 Offensive Newcomer of the Year?

A: It’s a blessing. It’s always a blessing when you strive to do well, and you get rewarded for it. Winning means more to me though, and I’m just looking forward to having a good season in 2008.

Q: It’s been reported that you like to race all the new receivers on the team as a way of breaking in all the new guys. I heard you finally got beat. How does it feel to be second fastest guy on the team?

A: I wouldn’t say I’m the second fastest guy on the team. [Brandon Banks] is smaller than I am, and smaller guys are always going to be faster. A lot of people don’t know how fast Josh Moore is; I would say he’s one of the fastest guys on the team as well.

Q: What do you think of all the new receivers and returning sophomore receiver Lamark Brown?

A: All of them are doing good. I have a lot of confidence in them. They’re all still learning, but they’re doing good.
Q: What do you like to do off the field? Any hobbies or activities?

A: I like to run around and play a little basketball at the Rec sometimes. I mostly just like to kick it with teammates and play video games using K-State.

Q: Who should Wildcat fans be looking for to make a big impact this year — other than yourself of course?

A: I would say Brandon Banks. I mean, everybody saw what he did in the first game. Josh Freeman and Keithen Valentine also will do real well this year.

Q: What are your goals for this season for yourself and the team?

A: I want to be a great leader for the team and receivers. I want to go Big 12 Championship and go 14-0. If we do well as a team, then all of the other accomplishments will come with it. I’m not worried about myself — I just want to win.