Five keys to Louisville


1. Key Cantwell
Louisville quarterback Hunter Cantwell dips the football before he throws it. This takes him extra time. The K-State defensive line needs to focus on Cantwell’s slow release and get their hands up when he throws the football. The result could be several deflected passes and maybe even an interception.

2. Pass to run
Louisville gives up an average of only 48 rushing yards per game. The Wildcats will need Josh Freeman to spread out the Cardinals by completing passes deep and to both sides of the field. If this happens, it might allow K-State to run the draw or cutback running plays.

3. Ron foolery
Coach Ron Prince has made a name for himself by pulling out several trick plays in big games like this one. A reverse called at the right time could aid K-State’s mediocre rushing attack.

4. Turnovers
Louisville turned the ball over six times in its first two games. K-State has forced four turnovers in its first two games. The Wildcats could gain a big advantage in this area.

5. You’re special
Like the trick plays, special teams also play a big role when the Wildcats are on national television. However, it will be hard to top the two punts K-State blocked against Montana State.