What’s in a week?


    In the upcoming week there are approximately 13 known and observed themes reserved, but ABC decided to add one more: National Stay At Home Week.
    For those who follow TV, it is no secret that Sunday is the start of the fall 2008 television season, but ABC is doing its best to give viewers an excuse to stay home this week and enjoy some relaxation time while they try out new shows as well as catch up with some old favorites.
    According to an advertisement on abc.com, media giants created the themed week to encourage people to conserve gas by staying in this week – not to mention promoting their programming.
    An official national holiday is not easy to create, though. According to holidayinsights.com, it is a process that travels all the way through Congress. This can take years and a good investor, because the steps to getting one approved involve contacting a local congressperson, creating a proposal and then trying to get it through the congressional process quickly.
    However, the site did say it’s easy to declare a national holiday because you do just that: declare it.
    Check out www.kstatecollegian.com every Monday for a list of the current week’s holidays.