Music festival showcases town and college scene


    This weekend, almost 90 bands invaded Manhattan for two days of music.
    The festival, an attempt by area organizations to promote area music, took place on Friday and Saturday at several local bars.
    While there is a local music scene in town, not many people outside the area know about it.
    Events like this give others outside the town the opportunity to realize there is more to Manhattan than the University or farming.
    The weekend also allowed those in the area to come together and help move the city of Manhattan forward, in the musical sense at least. 
    There were the volunteers who signed up to help out by breaking down and setting up the stages, running errands and helping out where possible.
    Then there were the bar owners who allowed their bars to be played in.
    The bands also came to support the cause. Bands from many areas of the country made the trip to play a show, something that must continue to happen if we expect to get Manhattan’s name elevated to the musical status of Austin or Seattle.
    In short, with the continued efforts of the people that make Aggiefest the great festival it is, the event  will one day help to dispel the rumor that there is no good music in Manhattan.