Students should try to attend lecture


    Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox will give a Landon Lecture in McCain Auditorium today. This man dealt with a load of issues as president of Mexico from 2000-06 that regularly affected Americans’ lives, including the dramatic increase in immigration during his term.
    This is the 152nd Landon Lecture, and most of the 151 previous lecturers were as influential as Fox. The past seven presidents came to speak at K-State at some point in their political career. Few colleges in the country tout such a prestigious lecture series.
    Just think what a senior has been able to see: Presidents Bush and Clinton, two secretaries of defense, two foreign presidents and the director of the CIA, among others. Where else are those seniors going to get the opportunity to see this many world leaders for free? The answer, of course, is probably nowhere.
    Charles Reagan and the other people at K-State who help organize Landon Lectures try to make it as easy as possible for students to go to the lectures. They moved the lectures to 3:30 in the afternoon instead of the morning so more students could make it and they also advertise almost everywhere on campus.
    There are no excuses for students not to make it to these lectures, so get off your couch and go see Vicente Fox’s speech whether you like the guy, hate the guy or even don’t know anything about him.