Road trip to small Kansas town leads to memories, beginning of adventures


    One goal of mine since I entered college has been to take a road trip. My father likes to joke about the random trips his college buddies took back in the day; he always reminds me to take the time to make those memories.
    So, I decided to plan the perfect road trip to share with my roommates. I wanted it to be a bit less-extreme than the 2000 movie starring Tom Green, but still an adventure the Brothel would be talking about for a long time.
    So, my bright ideas and my Brothel roomies set off on our grand, road-trip adventure last weekend.
    I decided to build momentum by creating and personally delivering homemade invitations to all the girls, and I loved watching their different looks of excitement as they opened their invitations.
    Our hop-in-the-car-and-go trip took us 20 minutes from Manhattan to Leonardville, Kan. – the hometown of Jordy Nelson. Since it’s football season and we are all such superfans, I thought it might be fun to eat at Jordy’s parents’ restaurant, Nelson’s Landing. The Landing has a country-kitchen feel but still has the convenience of a full-bar option. Also, the walls were decorated with Jordy’s and his sister Kelsey’s sports memorabilia for a cozy, K-State feel.
    On the drive to the restaurant, there was a bit of confusion. Because most of my roommates hail from big cities, driving out of town seemed to make them think we might end up in a random cornfield. Pinky even thought I was trying to fool the Brothel into thinking Nelson’s Landing was an airport.
    After our short, but giggle-filled drive, we arrived at Nelson’s Landing. Upon entering the restaurant, we quickly realized we were overdressed. Picture seven out-of-town college girls in dresses and heels marching into the local gossip spot – I’m sure we were the talk of the town. 
    As we settled in around our choice table, Sammi noticed the bartender was writing the one bar special on the wall. So, naturally, we ordered the night’s special.
    Our food was delicious and the atmosphere was pleasant. The trip to Leanardville reminded me of my hometown. At the restaurant, farmers and their wives talked about the upcoming harvest, babies cried in the background and the local men talked anxiously about the next Friday night football game. The waitress also knew about the town’s history and it’s K-State-famous former resident. We even had a bucket of beers delivered to our table by none other than Kelsey Nelson; we felt pretty special.
    We wanted to stay longer, but the Brothel girls had to face reality and a trip back to Manhattan. However, we couldn’t pass up one last offer to buy Nelson’s Landing T-shirts. I joked that the only items we were missing were foam fingers and baseball hats.
    Our trip to Leonardville might seem silly, but now I finally have a story to tell my father. And after visiting Leonardville, I think we are now ready for our next trip. Las Vegas, here we come!