Off The Field with Courtney Herndon


    Courtney Herndon is a junior safety on the K-State football team. Herndon is known for his playmaking abilities and his eye for the ball.  Herndon recently answered some questions about his national honors this season and what he’s doing to keep up with his school work.

Q: After giving up 500 total yards the last two games, what do you say to the guys in the locker room to keep their heads up?
A: Giving up 500 yards is bad, but you just gotta be disciplined with your alignment and assignment. Conference play is like starting over 0-0 so we just gotta fix our mistakes.

Q: What would you say to K-State fans to keep believing in the defense and for them to overlook the 500 yards given up the last two games?
A: I know they believe in us. We’ve had a bad last two games, but I think they believe in us and we believe in ourselves, and with that, I think we can get the job done.

Q: At the beginning of the season you were listed as a backup at safety behind Gary Chandler. What did you do to prove to coach Ron Prince you should be the starter?
A: Coach just said the reason I was starting was because I was making more plays, so that’s the only thing I can go off of, I’m just making more plays.

Q: You talk about making plays; a couple weeks ago you were named National Defensive Player of Week after you returned a fumble for a touchdown and had an interception against Montana St. How did it feel to get that honor?
A: It was a shocker, honestly. It felt great. Not too many people get that award, and I looked up who has won that award in the past and the good ones became All-Americans, so that’s what I’m hoping to achieve next.

Q: You’ve been known as a ball hawk during your time at K-State.  Who would you say you model your game after?
A: That’s a good question. I would want to say Bob Sanders, I think he’s the best safety in the NFL. He’s known as “The Eraser” and that’s what we need to do as safeties when the front-seven messes up. We have to be there to erase their mistakes.

Q: Outside of football what do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to play video games?
A: I’m not too much of a video-game person. I’m more relaxed, I like to just lay back and watch ESPN and just chill. When school and football take up all your time, you have to get lots of rest.

Q: In the past, school’s been tough for you. What are you doing to keep up with your studies this semester?
A: Even though I’m slowly progressing, I’ve been reading more. I don’t like to read, I only like to read about things I like to read about. I’m concentrating more on my studies, basically I’m just putting more time in on my studies.

Q: What are your goals for yourself and for the team for the season?
A: I want to go to the Big 12 Championship and hopefully win the National Championship. If we do those two things all the other accomplishments will come with it, but I would like to be a Consensus All-American.