Smoking ban can’t be ignored


There is no issue in politics that should be ignored. It is important for all voters to educate themselves as much as possible on as many issues as possible.
    In these anxious economic times, and with the  uncertain events that occur outside our borders, voter cannot afford to be apathetic. Not all important issues are national, however. The Manhattan City Commission and the Student Senate have taken positions on a potential smoking ban.
    Since there are so many individuals with such strong, and differing, opinions on the subject, voters will decide whether Manhattan needs to become smoke free. The issue has been a hot topic in the city for years, and voters will finally be able to decide the law in November.
    It is necessary for voters to learn about both sides of this issue, so they can make an educated decision when they head to the polls. Instead of forming Facebook groups or passing non-binding resolutions, students and residents can directly influence public policy, and will be able to see noticeable change if they vote.
    The editors’ board was too split on the issue to take a stance, and that is why we are encouraging all of our readers to learn about the smoking ban, educate others about the smoking ban and write letters to the Collegian about the smoking ban.
    No decision should be made without hearing as many views as possible, and the smoking ban is no different.