Time for community to give to United Way for its support in our



    This past year, the weather has challenged many of us in Riley County and the region. Ice storms and tornadoes have tested us in extraordinary ways.
    Through it all, we were able to experience, up close and personal, the kind of community service that United Way agencies provide to our community. The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are just two agencies that were helping folks in need. Their service has a cost, and we, the citizens of this community, have a responsibility to “pay back.” You can help do this with your United Way pledge.
    The 2008 K-State United Way fund drive, aimed at faculty and staff, began Oct. 1. This effort is in support of the United Way of Riley County that is raising funds to help support the work of 15 local human service organizations.
    These agencies touch every age, from infant to retiree, and continue to make Riley County a great place to live, work, do business and retire. They can’t do it alone — they need our support.
    When your area volunteer gives you your UW employee packet, please give the information found inside your caring consideration. Don’t just throw it in the trash or stick it in the campus mail box unopened. Open it up, check out in the information provided, and then decide whether you want to be part of solutions that will help make our community a better place to live.  
    During this time of the year, there are many opportunities to become involved in fund raising activities. We hope each of us will include the United Way a key part of our giving. There’s no better way to do so much good and to help so many people than by supporting United Way.

Bill Wisdom
K-State Student Union

Loleta Sump
K-State Division of Facilities
KSU United Way Committee co-chairs