October is holiday season of sports


Walking home from class last week, a breeze swept through campus and caught me by surprise. It wasn’t hot air or a warm breeze, but a cold wind that was less refreshing than chilling. Many people would relate this feeling to the end of summer and the coming of winter, but I immediately thought of the best season of the year.

First, October is baseball month. Even sports fans who don’t follow baseball religiously will make time to watch the American and National League championship series. One might not know the winners of the last five World Series, but almost everyone remembers Curt Schilling’s bloody sock in 2004 against the Yankees.

If baseball isn’t for you, college football has entered conference play, which always makes for good television. It is around this time of year that the serious contenders for BCS bowls start to emerge.

In the NFL, it is also about the time playoff and Super Bowl hopefuls start to take control of their divisions. Though the Chiefs are even worse than the K-State defense, I still spend my Sunday afternoons wrapped in a Chiefs blanket, watching football.

I hope you’re no sports Scrooge, because almost everyone loves football or baseball, but if you happen to be one of the few who dislikes both, basketball season is weeks away.

Six months of replays, highlights and ESPN lists and countdowns are no longer the only NBA and college hoops on television. Every November, basketball’s faithful watch anxiously as rookies play their first professional games and freshmen shatter college record books.

When baseball, football and basketball overlap in the fall, they offer sports fans — fair-weather fans, bandwagon fans, casual fans and life-long fans — a level of hype and high stakes in the fall that is seen at no other time of the year, not even during March Madness.

Yes, the NCAA tournament is exciting, but a time of year with no football just can’t compete, even when considering baseball’s spring training.

The opening of a new baseball season is a great time of year, but kids don’t dream of playing baseball in the spring – they dream of playing in October, in the playoffs.

I look forward to these days and they will be gone in no time, since baseball will conclude its season in a few weeks.

Enjoy the fall sports season, watch football as often as possible and continue to learn about incoming freshmen on rivals.com. Don’t let the best time of year take a back seat to Christmas.    

I’m no Sarah Palin, so I don’t really follow hockey. But hockey season has started, which is cool, I guess. But we live in America, so hockey does not get included in my argument. Happy Holidays.

Owen Kennedy is a senior in business management. Please send comments to sports@spub.ksu.edu.