Corrections and Clarifications



There were errors in Friday’s Collegian in the Student Senate story.  Jessica Schultz requested the amendment to Bill 08/09/21 FY 2009 Allocation to the Children’s and Adolescent Literature Community committee to host the Wizard Rock concert; Katie Beye is the governmental relations director; commendations were given to the Big 12 Student Government Affairs Committee; and the Arts and Sciences senators sworn in were Celie Holliday, junior in gerontology, and Nick Kenney, junior in history; Faculty Rep. Bill Muir suggested Student Senate send a commendation to Riley County for setting up voting stations in the Union.

There also were errors in the campus security report story. Mary Todd, director of the Women’s Center, said the county receives 100 reports while the true number might be as high as 2,000. 


There were errors in Friday’s Collegian. Andrew Rickel, sophomore in music education, was featured in the photo on Page 7 instead of Tim Rarick, instructor of human ecology and graduate student in family studies and human services. Also, for information about Building on Breaks, contact Brett Goetz at


The Collegian regrets the errors.

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