What’s in a name?


A local band is asking friends and strangers to choose its name.
    The band that currently refers to itself as “The Unnamed Trio” is having an online competition via Facebook to determine its name.
    The band got its start on Facebook. The group was the idea of front woman Samantha Clemens, junior in biological and agricultural engineering. Clemens, who described her sound as a mix of indie-rock and soul mix, said she started playing in Aggieville bars earlier this semester as a single act. But Clemens said she felt she just needed something more.
    “I needed a fuller, richer sound,” she said, “I just needed to start somewhere, so I put an ad on Facebook Marketplace for a guitarist.”
    Within just a few weeks of placing the advertisement, Clemens had a reply. Caleb McGinn, graduate student in business administration, answered the ad. He said his guitar skills helped create a strong sound.
    Soon after the collaboration of McGinn’s indie guitar riffs and Clemens’ soul sound, the two said they felt confident adding another instrument: drums.
    “Caleb and I are friends, and he told me about his band that needed some accompaniment for Aggiefest,” said Jack Holtzen, graduate student in business administration. “I just practiced with him a couple hours before we were supposed to play at Kathouse, and that was that.”
    Holtzen joined the group not only because of his talents on the traditional drum set, but also because he can play the bongos, djembe and other percussion instruments. The trio said all they needed after they got together was a name, and they wanted one that would help them stand out from other bands.
    “We really had no ideas for a name since we were just sort of thrown together,” Clemens said. “I just let Caleb try and think of a name, and he said we should just let our friends decide.”
    As the number of suggestions they received from friends rose, McGinn said he created a Facebook group called “The Unnamed Trio” where people could leave suggestions. The names that have been offered range from “Alas, Daybreak!” to “Three-Armed Baby.”
    “The group just started for our friends to write suggestions,” Holtzen said. “But eventually we started getting suggestions from friends of friends, and then we got them from people we didn’t even know. Now it has turned into a contest, and we even will be giving a prize.”
    The group recently added a fourth member — Alec Kirkeminde, junior in chemistry — to play bass guitar. With the addition, the group said it is looking for shows and is in the process of becoming the house band at Kathouse that will play Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. during the spring semester. The group said it wants to make a name decision by the end of  semester. All Facebook suggestions will be considered, and the choice will be on the group’s profile.
    “It is just really cool because … we have the chance to have our peers name us and to also come and check out our sound,” Clemens said.