Brothel members to think twice about being out too late


    I never thought it would happen to me; I thought we were performing the textbook example of how to walk home late at night. But now I can say that I’ve experienced it — my friends and I got jumped.
    It was last Friday night, on Halloween, and all us Brothel girls were so excited to show off our new costumes and spend our first Halloween in the ‘Ville.
    As you might recall from my previous article, I was dressed up as a bathtub. My roommates’ costumes included a black cat, a pretty ballerina – complete with a pink tiara – a gangster, a flapper and a police officer.
    My roommate, the police officer, even joked it would be quite hilarious if she got arrested that night dressed in her official uniform.
    After one round of pumpkin juice, we ventured to Aggieville with our friends, Bud Man and Dick in a Box. At almost every bar, the tub seemed to be a hit, but my one complaint about the costume is that everyone wanted to pop my balloons.
    We were having so much fun we didn’t want the night to end. So, while the rest of the Brothel walked home, the officer and I stayed out to meet up with our friend, Jay.
    When 2 a.m. came and went, we left the ‘Ville for the short walk home down Manhattan Ave.
    Walking, with Jay in the middle and my roommate the officer on the left side, we couldn’t help but laugh about how perfect the night had been.
    Just as we walked by the Tower condos on Manhattan Ave., I felt a strange presence behind me. Suddenly, that presence turned into two large men who started punching Jay.
    Us girls started screaming at the two men to stop attacking Jay, and sure enough, they did.
    Then, they sprinted across the street and into their car at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art’s parking lot.
    My roommate and Jay took off across the parking lot, searching for our attackers’ vehicle tag, while I ran all the way home, still stuck in my tub.
    Since my cell phone didn’t fit well inside the costume, I had no way of calling the police; thankfully my roommate managed to call.        
    When I finally arrived home, I ran into the house where our friends Bud Man and Dick in the Box were hanging out.
    I rambled off the story, and before I knew it, they took off to catch the culprits.
    We didn’t file a police report because we knew there was no way to catch the criminals, but it was still a scary situation.
    Jay was fine – just a little sore in the morning – and we were OK, but I’m still shocked that it happened, and I can’t believe it happened to us.
    It just goes to show you anything can happen when you live at the Brothel.