Sexually explicit lifestyle ad offends some Collegian readers


     I am profoundly disappointed in your decision to place an advertisement page promoting sex in one of last week’s papers. “MAJOR IN SEX AND YOU COULD SCORE $25,000” is boldly written on top as well as “and a $2 lift for your ‘studies’ plus trips, entertainment and other divisions to heighten your education.”
    On the other side of the advertisement page is a drawing of a male with his arms around two females, all naked, with a blanket on them. The two females seem to be passing around products used for sex. Dotted lines leading from the sex products to these words: “Strawberries,” “Whip Cream,” and “Banana.”
        Now I am sure that you are aware that you ran this advertisement in the paper last week. What I would like to know is why? I was personally offended and shocked when my roommate, who was also put off when she saw it, showed it to me. Sex among college students is already rampant enough as it is – why encourage it? Being a conservative Christian, I am strongly for abstinence before marriage. As such, I have decided to wait and keep my virginity
    It hurts me deeply that young people have this kind of lifestyle; that they do whatever “feels good” or satisfies their sexual drives during that certain moment in time. Uncommitted relationships lead to broken hearts and are not good for the soul or spirit. If they have this kind of ruthless behavior, what will happen when they want to marry? How can they keep a committed relationship, which marriage is and requires if it is to last, if they haven’t held this kind of mindset or practiced such virtues? They will have nothing to give to their spouse since they spent and freely distributed their “love” to a variety of people and called them their boyfriends or girlfriends.
    I am sorry for writing harshly, but I really would like to know why such a successful and flourishing newspaper for a largely reputable university like K-State would let such a dirty advertisement cross pages with the K-State Collegian. I know that you probably need money and placing ads in the newspaper is a way to make money, but next time, could you and would you please run a clean type of advertisement?
    Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say and I hope my concern for the well-being of this university and its students is taken into consideration.

Clareen O’Connor
Freshman in interior design