Losing marching band would be loss to university



I have been a member of many great organizations throughout high school and college. The one that trumps them all though, is the Kansas State University Marching Band.
There is a certain sense of pride that is given to a person once they are a member of the band. Wearing a marching band shirt around campus is an invite for any person to start up a conversation. They want to know what you play, how you like it and what the band will be doing next.
There is a great amount of interest and support all across campus. I think membership might be just one step below movie star.
I must say, I cannot find it within myself to agree with or understand the Student Governing Association’s decision to eventually cut its funding to the marching band.
From what I understand, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics has no desire to fund us and does not plan on doing so. Apart from the athletic director and SGA, who else could fund us? Does anyone else have the authority?
Personally, I have no problem paying three dollars and ninety some cents to keep the marching band going. I wouldn’t have a problem paying much more to keep it going. It is such a wonderful, worthwhile program, I can’t imagine college without it.
If they thought taking the funding from the marching band would be the easy way out, I am quite happy to inform them they have made a serious miscalculation.

Kristin Henry
freshman in environmental design