University needs its band programs


The SGA Privilege Fee Committee has voted unanimously to end funding for K-State Bands, including the marching and pep bands, symphony and concert bands and jazz bands in two years. As a former member of the aforementioned bands and a K-State alumnus, I am appalled by the complete lack of foresight by the committee on this matter. 
The entire amount of funding is less than $150,000, or about $4 per student. This is the lowest in all of the Big 12 Conference and has been the level at which they have been able to maintain the band program for the last six years. In a response letter from the student body president, it was stated that the purpose was to relieve the burden of the cost on students in light of rising tuition costs. 
It seems to me that $4 is not much of a burden compared to the thousands of dollars for tuition fees approved by the Kansas Board of Regents. Perhaps the SGA should pursue that body and the Kansas Legislature should push for lowering tuition costs instead of punishing our own student body by removing an activity that benefits the entire university and surrounding community.
Surely there are other corners that can be trimmed without wiping out an entire segment of a department of this university. The K-State community needs to be aware of this egregious action that could very well cause the end of the KSU Band program as we know it. More details, including a letter from the SGA president can be found at

Seth Galitzer
K-State alumnus