Brothel prepares for holiday extravaganza


    At the Brothel we have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. Not only have we already started playing Christmas music, which I finally found after searching through 900 channels, but also the Brothel Thanksgiving extravaganza is quickly approaching.
    Family and friends will gather in our small living room to eat our Thanksgiving meal. I willingly signed up to make my mother’s layered pumpkin cake but that will probably be a disaster. I should have signed up for something with a better outcome such as wine. But one dinner gift I excel at is giving toasts.
    My roommates know pretty well that I can always give a thoughtful, but dying with laughter, toast.
    One piece of our holiday thanks involves a new guest to the Brothel. His name is Red. He is real ladies’ man and always gets the smiles when we take him out for walks. Red is my friend Jay’s new dog. Red is a 3-month-old Beagle with black and white spots. He loves to put his nose to the ground and walk around our house.
    Another piece of thanks this Thanksgiving, I am still so thankful that I live in the Brothel. Last night, my roommates and I were sitting around watching WALL-E made by Pixar and I knew the dynamics of the Brothel would soon change.
    And finally I am so thankful for the moment when I get back to the Brothel after Thanksgiving break. I know Sammi and Pinky are going to load their cars with pink Christmas lights, garland and miles of mistletoe. I’m sure the Brothel will look like the Griswold’s in Christmas Vacation, but it will be the most festive Brothel in Manhattan.