Renter’s insurance needed in dorms, greek houses



    Recently I was given an assignment for a speech class covering a current campus issue. After fumbling around a few topics I chose renter’s insurance. It wasn’t until I started research that I discovered the importance of the topic, especially how it relates to students.
    I conducted an interview with Sarah Barr, the K-State student attorney, and she put into perspective how big of an issue this was at K-State because the majority of students don’t have or even know about renter’s insurance. The purpose of my cause is to have K-State implement a way of informing the student body about renter’s insurance.
    I found that there are really three assumptions that lead to students’ lack of coverage. These consist of renters assuming they are covered under their landlords’ insurance or by the college or their parents.
    First off, though your landlord might have insurance, it is only for the building itself — not the content of that building. As far as the family policy goes, some do cover little things, but unless a specific writer is put in, most of a renter’s personal items will not be covered while living away from home.
    Finally, if students are living in a greek house or residence hall, they are inclined to think the college is responsible. This is false; neither provide any type of insurance to compensate students for damages or stolen property.
    However K-State can easily inform its students by taking advantage of two key opportunities. By mentioning renter’s insurance at student orientation, parents and students would be able to decide what they need to do.
    The second method K-State could utilize would be to insert a pamphlet into new student packets. The dorms already have something similar to this that comes with the application packet, but it is only available to those living in the dorms.
    In conclusion, K-State easily can make some minor additions and provide this vital information to its student body. I will be giving a speech at 7 p.m. Thursday in Nichols Hall as part of a free-speech presentation.
    I urge anyone who is interested to attend. I will have a petition for whoever is willing to sign, and I will be answering questions afterward.

Matthew Carlson
sophomore in management