New administration should prevent bioterror


President-elect Barack Obama is going to be one busy guy come January. From day one of his presidency, issues like the economic crisis are going to require much attention and work.
However, one must not forget other serious issues, like the threat of terrorism, especially bioterror. According to Fox News, a bipartisan commission informed Vice President-elect Joe Biden that the United States can expect a terrorist attack using biological weapons before 2013.
Not “should prepare for” or “vague possibility of happening” but “expect.” This should be an extremely frightening thought for U.S. citizens and the government.
The problem, according to the report, is not that terrorists will become scientists but that scientists will become terrorists. Terrorists still lack the ability to carry out a biological attack, but that does not mean the gap is not narrowing.
Everyone has a price, as the saying goes. It is extremely conceivable that if offered enough money, scientists with the knowledge it would take to carry out a biological attack could be bribed to share their secrets or allow the use of their labs which contain dangerous pathogens. 
Bob Graham, a former senator who helped lead the commission, said in the report, “The threat of a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weapons is growing not because we have not done positive things but because adversaries are moving at an even faster pace to increase their access to those materials.”
The U.S. has done much to counteract terrorism, but these increased threats are going to require much more. The report suggests that Obama “bolster efforts to counter and prepare for germ warfare by terrorists,” and this is truly a necessity.
This must remain one of the highest priorities for the Obama administration. Terrorists are getting smarter, and it absolutely will not pay to let our guard down. An attack of this nature could be catastrophic – this should go without saying. What the report suggests is a necessity: The new administration must designate at least one individual to solely work on combating the use of these types of weapons. The report encourages this individual to be from the National Security Council, Fox News reported.
But why stop at one individual? A problem of this magnitude could warrant an entire team of people devoted to combating biological terror from people who wish to harm our country.
No one should have to live in fear of terrorists using something as simple as everyday life to wreak havoc on us. Let us hope the Obama administration gets off to the right start by making sure the frightening things in this report do not become a reality.

Megan Molitor is a senior in print journalism. Please send comments to