BROTHEL BREIFS: Anticipated prank backfires on stunned brothel member


    As the end of the fall semester draws closer, I find myself remembering college is almost over.
    In my first column, I talked about how I am constantly learning from my roommates. I also discussed Brothel experiences in the first weeks of the semester, including the perfect boy who brings you a rose and kisses you on the cheek in front of your entire sorority or the decision to go to culinary school. Writing about these moments at the Brothel has made me realize how much I don’t want college to end.
    The endless pranks will never get old, but the latest Brothel prank goes beyond our cozy home. When our sorority seniors announce their senior sneak, they usually do it in a creative way.
    Sammi had a great idea to show a video slideshow from the past four years. I jumped on board with this idea and couldn’t wait to see the final cut. In actuality, I was very nervous about the somewhat embarrassing photos and videos that might be on Sammi’s camera. In the meantime, my Brothel roommates and suspicious others they recruited were devising a counter plan.
    Chapter night finally came, and I was so excited to announce sneak. The projector screen was down and everything for the surprise video was set.
    All of a sudden, the lights in the room went black and the candle lighting began. For those of you who haven’t experienced it, a candle lighting is when one member of your chapter becomes engaged and announces the big news. Each of my Brothel roommates started reading beautiful quotes about love and marriage, and of course, I started tearing up.
    I soon realized that I didn’t receive a card to read, and I didn’t have a clue who was engaged. I certainly didn’t think any of my roommates were close to that serious life-long commitment, but then again maybe I was out of the loop. Finally, the last quote ends at Pinky and she read, “This is to announce the engagement of Salena Strate and the … senior sneak!”
    Immediately I yelled out “No, I’m not engaged!” My face instantly turned red, and I slowly sat back in my chair. But of course, I realized the prank was on me and I had no idea.
    The whole chapter exploded with laughter, and I eventually did too.
    The whole scene will be a favorite Brothel memory, one I’m sure will be talked about in future reunions. But it’s not just this memory — it’s the combination of the entire year that makes me sad to leave the Brothel.