RCPD urges caution in light of burglaries


The Riley County Police Department has been on the lookout for burglars after recent incidents.
Brad Jager, RCPD detective, said police have been tracking down burglary suspects since November.    There have been about 50-60 burglaries reported in the northeast and southeast areas of Manhattan.
Jager said the suspects seem to target areas where many students reside.
On Jan. 9, Jager said the RCPD apprehended two men  at night, one of whom  was allegedly responsible for burglaries on Ratone Street.
Shortly after, the RCPD made another two arrests of men allegedly responsible for other burglaries in the area.
Jager said since the arrests made on Jan. 9, there have not been any other reports of burglary.
Jager said creating awareness of the recent burglaries will teach students and local citizens to keep their doors locked.
“Many suspects target unlocked residences; we need to get it out to students that they need to lock their doors and cooperate with their roommates,” Jager said.
The burglars have taken items like computers, video game systems and TV’s.
Jager said because of the burglaries, the RCPD has done extra patrolling. He said residents need to make an effort to lock their doors and if they see anyone carrying electronics, they should call the police.