College of Business Administration launches new major


K-State students will soon have a new option when choosing a major. The College of Business Administration will begin offering a major in entrepreneurship this fall.
Brian Niehoff, management department head, said the major is for business students who wish to start their own businesses.
“Not every student is interested in getting their degree and moving on to work for someone else,” Niehoff said. “This major will hopefully provide them with the tools to make [starting their own business] happen.”
Niehoff said two new courses have been added to the business curriculum as part of the study of entrepreneurship. One course will explore various industries to discover where real opportunity exists, and the second course will focus on marketing, he said.
Niehoff also said the upper-level courses will focus on specific aspects of developing a business. He said by offering the two newer courses to all students, it will allow students to decide if entrepreneurship is something they want to pursue.
“I think there is a movement nationally to create learning opportunities for students to be more entrepreneurial,” said Duane Nellis, provost and senior vice president. “It’s really extending some of the basic curriculum in management to enhance opportunities for students extending that into starting right up with businesses.”
Ruth Dyer, associate provost, said there might also be a minor in entrepreneurship in the future.
“They are also in the process of putting in place an interdisciplinary minor for students in any major,” Dyer said. “It’s a way to learn more about ideas of entrepreneurship and how it applies to their specific major.”
Niehoff said marketing for the major will begin this spring.
“I think it’s something that will be very popular,” he said. “At the Academic Majors Fair … the predominant question that I get is, ‘Do you have a major in entrepreneurship?’ I think there are a lot of people interested. The generation coming up now is very independent.”