Newspaper poetry nothing new


    Newspaper poetry as a concept has ebbed and flowed through the centuries of newsprint, and has served many different purposes. But its purpose on this page is to give readers an alternative story form that illustrates the emotional effect current events have on the human psyche.
Objective reporters, however, cannot express their personal opinions on the topics at hand and still remain credible. On the other end of the spectrum is the editorial, through which emotions about any subject can be delivered straight to the reader.
    Newspaper poetry embodies the role of both witness and participant, therefore offering a new perspective for readers to look to for accurate, if emotional, information. At about 100 words, newspaper poetry also appeals to Fourum loyalists who would rather read 20 separate one-sentence statements than 20 sentences attached to one another that appear in the shape of an article.
    Local issues like the search for a new K-State president, national events like the election of President Barack Obama and international conflict stemming from Hamas all can be addressed in a polished poem of reflection written by a student unburdened by the Associated Press Stylebook.
    We at the Collegian hope you enjoy the weekly poems we’ve decided to add to the opinion page. Let us know what you think of their effectiveness at getting and keeping your attention, in contrast to news articles and traditional editorials.