Macs have no advantage over PCs


Twenty-two new Macintosh computers reside in Hale Library, occupied by whoever was too late to snatch a PC. The Apple-cult following has grown from the Macintosh commercials, which spread the propaganda that Macs are somehow a refreshing exception to boring old technology known as the PC.

To anybody who recently bought a Macintosh computer, you have been deceived.

Brent Keltner, co-owner of UNI Computer store in Lawrence, said PCs have multiple advantages over Macs.

“For things such as graphics design and studio work, Macs have no advantage anymore,” Keltner said.

He said Adobe Creative Suites are made for Windows, then ported to Macintosh despite the way it was done in the past. Now the programs are made for Windows, and Macintosh gets the sloppy seconds. In fact, according to an article on, Adobe will develop the 64-bit version of CS4 for Windows, and Macintosh has to live with the 32-bit version.

This is because the operating systems and hardware associated with PCs have surpassed the quality associated with Apple systems.

Keltner does a great deal of video and audio editing, which he does on a PC running Windows Vista. It has eight gigabytes of RAM and some of the latest graphics technology, all of which cost him about $850.

A 20-inch iMac costs more than $2,000. That means for twice as much money, you can get about one-fourth of the product.

PCs offer more options in every way. For example, Keltner said the case for a G5 iMac would cost about $500, but a new case for a PC ranges from $30 to $500 with hundreds of choices. When somebody buys a Mac, he or she is paying for the monitor too. With a PC, upgrades are always an option.

Natalie Scott, junior in political science and English, said she likes Macs for their immunity to viruses and resistance to crashes.

My PC has a simple and free virus detection program that constantly updates itself and uses minimal system resources, which means viruses are not a problem. With no blue-screens for the life of the computer, which is about two and a half years, crashes aren’t a problem either.

Scott, a Macintosh technical worker for Student Publications Inc. said another reason she prefers Apple computers is the software. She said she dislikes Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Fortunately for people who agree, Firefox and iTunes are superior programs available for download online.

Despite the reputation Macintosh has developed, its products are less efficient and even less cost-effective compared to personal computers.

So to those who are part of the Macintosh cult, don’t drink the Kool-Aid.