Election commissioner says results pending violation hearing


The Student Elections Committee of Student Governing Association is holding a hearing today, concerning possible campaign violations by one of the pairs of candidates in the student body presidential primary elections. The hearing is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. in the Office of Student Activities and Services Conference Room. Ronnie Hernandez, the chairman of the committee, said he could not disclose which candidates were involved or what the possible violations were. “All I can say is it does involve violations, that’s all I can say,” he said. Hernandez said part of the meeting will be open and part will be closed to the public, to protect the privacy of the candidates involved. Election Commissioner, Dave Hoffman, a senior in mass communications, was at the watch party of presidential hopefuls Robert Swift and Amy Schultz, where he addressed the crowd and said that the results were not official and were pending on today’s hearing. Swift and Schultz finished third in the primary behind the pairs of Andrew Huschka and Laura Rachelle; and Dalton Henry and Wayne Stoskopf. Hoffman said he could not comment on the violations that will be discussed at the hearing but said this type of hearing is not uncommon. “As in any election, these results are not official right away,” he said. Hoffman said the official results of the primary election would be available within a week.