Huschka/White found guilty of violations, face no major consequences (UPDATED)


There was a correction to this story. Huschka and White did not endorse the College of Business Administration e-mail, contrary to prior reports.)

Student body presidential and vice-presidential candidates Andrew Huschka and Laura Rachelle White were accused and unanimously found guilty of one major campaign violation, but innocent of two minor violations, at an SGA Election Review Committee hearing Thursday.

The three-hour hearing was partially closed to the public to protect the privacy of the parties involved. In attendance at the meeting were Huschka, White, Elections Commissioner Dave Hoffman, the election review committee, and six witnesses who were in and out of the meeting room.

After a series of long deliberations and numerous extensions, the committee reached its final decision.

Huschka declined to comment on the hearing and the unanimous decision.

Presidential hopefuls Robert Swift and Amy Schultz, who finished third in the primaries, filed the complaint against Huschka and White. The complaint concerned an e-mail that was sent over the College of Business Administration listserve. Candidates are prohibited from sending e-mails over academic listserves. Huschka said he and White did not endorse the e-mail and did not send it.

The two minor violation complaints dealt with incorrectly filed expense reports and improper sign hanging.

The committee gave Huschka and White a sanction, which is a warning of sorts, but the team will not receive any further consequences during the general election campaign.

Swift and Schultz were both absent during and after the final open portion of the hearing.