UGB, Varney’s $1 K scholarship support part-time students


The K-State Student Union Governing Board and Varney’s Book Store are helping to ease the stress of funding for part-time students by offering them a $1,000 scholarship.

Any student who is enrolled in less than 12 credit hours is eligible to apply. The recipient will be awarded $500 each semester.

Applications, which are due at 5 p.m. on March 13, are available in the Union director’s Office on the second floor of the Union. A committee from UGB will then meet and decide on the winner.

University Book Store manager Steve Levin said the purpose of the scholarship is to help provide funding so students who are financially stressed can continue to attend school.

Levin said the funding for the scholarship comes from the sales of products through the bookstores.

“It is important to show that by supporting the local bookstore, students at K-State are receiving support as well,” Levin said.

The scholarship was created in 2004 by UGB to help part-time students who have different challenges than full-time students.

Levin said other scholarships have also been created previously for full-time students, as well as students in specific departments such as art or architecture. The departments establish the criteria for the scholarships but all funding comes from the Union and University Book Store.

Levin said funding the scholarship is a way to help students as well as K-State.

“We are committed to give back to the university and the students,” Levin said.