9-year-old girl raped


A 9-year-old Manhattan girl was allegedly raped two times, once involving sodomy, according to a Riley County Police report. RCPD Lt. Josh Kyle said there have been no arrests, but a suspect has been identified and is associated with the girl.

Dates and locations of the alleged incidents were not released. The case is under investigation.

In other RCPD news, a man was arrested for criminal damage to property after allegedly punching in a door and window at Hibachi Hut on Friday. Joshua Lanning, 21, was still confined Monday morning on a $1,500 bond.

Hayne’s Beauty Salon in Aggieville also sustained a broken window early Sunday morning, resulting in $1,000 of damage. There is no known suspect.

Three vehicles parked at 1315 Laramie St., sustained broken windows with a collective damage and property loss of $2,292. Stolen property from four Fort Riley soldiers include a Sprint HTC Diamond, cologne and a Garmin GPS. Window damage is estimated at $1,700.

Three people were arrested after an alleged physical altercation with police as they were escorted out of Tubby’s Sports Bar on Friday night.

Kyle said a Manhattan officer and a Fort Riley Military Police officer were battered while trying to determine if Julia Stebelton, 21, had left the bar with an open container.

No charges for open container were made. However, during questioning, Kyle said the “individuals became physically resistive,” and Andrew Trefonas, 22, allegedly pushed an officer attempting to speak with Stebelton.

Trefonas was Tasered twice before RCPD could contain him, Kyle said.

“While handcuffed, he continued to be combative,” said Kyle. “The Taser was used [a second time] to get a leg restraint system on because he was kicking.”

While in progress, Kyle said Stebelton allegedly grabbed the officer to prevent Trefonas’ arrest and then struck the MP.

“Multiple officers arrived, and she continued to try to strike at them as well,” Kyle said.

The third arrest involved Seth Clark, of Fort Riley, who was charged with obstruction of justice after allegedly stepping between officers and friends multiple times.

Kyle said Clark became physically combative with the MP, but this was filed separately on Fort Riley. He was released by RCPD on a $1,000 bond.

Trefonas, charged with battery against a law enforcement officer, obstruction of the legal process, disorderly conduct and criminal use of a weapon, was released on a $3,500 bond.

Stebelton was released on a $3,000 bond for battery, battery against a law enforcement officer, obstruction of the legal process and disorderly conduct.