Cowboy Olympics provides entertainment


A slew of cowboys and cowgirls filled Weber Arena on Wednesday night running, jumping and wheelbarrowing for a chance at winning gift certificates to Vanderbilt’s shoes.

The College of Agriculture Student Council was host to the Cowboy Olympics in Weber as part of the council’s annual Ag Fest Week activities.

Miles Theurer, Ag Fest co-chair and junior in animal sciences and industry, said the Cowboy Olympics was a way to get people together and provide entertainment for Ag Fest Week. Anyone was able to participate in the event but had to register before spring break.

The Cowboy Olympics featured different events including stacking bags of feed, pushing a pickup truck, a relay with a jolly-horse ball and shovel, a piggyback barrel race and an obstacle course. The obstacle course started at one side of the arena and included climbing over a round bale of hay, a panel and then spinning blindfolded teammates and having them roll a tire to the end of the arena.

The men’s, women’s and co-ed teams with the fastest times in all the events won the competition.

The winning men’s team consisted of Jeremy Kootz, Joe Iliff, Michael Macek, seniors in animal sciences and industry, and Chuck Parsons, senior in agronomy.

“Last year we competed and got second so we had to try and get first this year,” Kootz said.

The winning men said the event they most enjoyed was the barrel race.

The barrel race originally started with team members pushing each other in a wheelbarrow to completing the race carrying each other on their backs. The winning women’s team members ended up competing in the barrel race twice due to the circumstances, but said they still enjoyed it.

The winning women’s team members included Ashley Brillhart, senior in agronomy, Erica Waechter, junior in agronomy, Roberta Barthol, sophomore in agriculture education, and Kelly Yunghans, sophomore in agronomy.

“We came out here just to have fun,” Brillhart said. “We were excited to win.”

Though, the men’s team will not be able to compete again since each member is in his senior year, Kootz said they all were glad to go out on top.

“It’s good to quit while we’re ahead,” he said.