Wedding goes well despite weather mishaps


When newlyweds Josh and Ashley Cook walk into a room, it is hard to miss the glow they both have.

This could be attributed to recently returning from what Ashley calls “an amazing” honeymoon in Jamaica, but as time wears on, it becomes easy to notice the way the two graduate students look at each other — the glow is simply love.

The pair met in a psychology class while studying for their undergraduate degrees at the University of Texas. After dating for a year and a half, Ashley began pressing Josh to pop the question.

Josh, who had graduated the semester before, was already making plans to propose but was keeping it a secret. Josh came up with a grand scheme that his uncle was visiting Austin, so he, too, would come back for the weekend so they all could visit.

“I told [Ashley] we had to meet my uncle at his hotel because he wanted to get dinner at the hotel restaurant,” Josh said. “When we got there, I had to open the hotel room door with my own key, and she knew something was going on, but when I opened the door, I had a rose petal trail leading up to a poem book I had made her.”

After reading the poems and looking at the book, Josh proposed.

“What’s funny is that the night before this happened, I laid into Josh for not having asked me yet. I thought he was going to for so long, and I said, ‘You’re not even going to do it, are you?'” Ashley said. “I was being a total drama queen, and he was just laughing at me, and I didn’t know why.”

Shortly after the engagement, the two came to K-State for the marriage and family studies graduate program. Since they are both from the same area in Texas, they decided to have the wedding near their hometowns.

“It was hard to be so far away — it was really stressful. The hardest thing was trying to meet everyone’s expectations,” Ashley said.

After getting the location picked out and the logistics finalized, incorrect weather predictions threw the couple a curve ball. Ashley had wanted an outdoor wedding at the arboretum in Athens, Texas, but the weather made that impossible.

“We had to move the wedding inside last minute because it rained,” Ashley said. “I cried and called [my maid of honor] and she said, ‘Don’t worry, don’t stress — I’ll do everything,’ and she did. She was fantastic.”

They were able to secure an inside location at the Athens Country Club, where the couple had the reception. The wedding was in an area of the large banquet room, and during the cocktail hour, the club staff hurriedly set up the tables for the reception.

With less than one day before the wedding, another problem arose when Josh’s groomsmen and family went to try on their tuxedos.

“We ordered eight tuxes, and every single one was messed up,” Josh said. “It was a mess, and some people didn’t try their tuxes on until Friday, and since we were getting married on Saturday, they had to be sent overnight.”

The company was able to ship all the tuxedos overnight, and on Saturday morning, the entire bridal party had properly fitting attire.

The only mishap that day inadvertently came in the form of comic relief from Josh. During his vows, the preacher asked him to repeat a particular line that he did not fully hear.

“While repeating his vows, Josh didn’t understand something the preacher said, so he stopped right in the middle and turned to him and said, ‘Huh?’,” Ashley said. “Then the whole audience just started cracking up.”

“Josh was unaware of the preacher stating, ‘I will give up my worldly goods to you,’ Ashley said. “It just happened to be really funny that that’s the part he didn’t hear.”

Aside from being careful to not give up his worldly goods, Josh and Ashley said the day was perfect, thanks to the hard work of their family and friends. Ashley specifically noted that it was the help of her mother and maid of honor that got her through all the stress of planning and executing the wedding.

“It ended up being great — everything turned out perfect on the day of,” Ashley said. “I think that it probably turned out better than it would have, so I’m actually glad, in hindsight, that it all happened.”