Voters approve sales tax increase for special projects


Manhattan voters approved all three of the special questions on the City/School elections ballot Tuesday.

The special questions asked for a combined 0.25 percent sales tax increase to pay for four projects in Manhattan.

The first special question on the ballot asked for a 0.10-percent sales tax increase to cover the costs of reconstructing the city pool in City Park that would cost $8.4 million.

The second question also asked for a 0.10 percent sales tax increase to reconstruct swimming pools in Northview Park and CiCo Park. The two projects would cost an estimated $6.5 million.

The third question asked for a 0.05 percent sales tax increase to pay for the cost of designing and constructing a facility at Sunset Zoological Park that would include a ticket booth, zoo entrance, restrooms, educational classroom, public meeting spaces and educational animal holding and display facilities. The estimated cost would be $4.4 million.

With the approval of all three sales tax increases, the city sales tax would increase from 7.3 to 7.55 percent and would change on Oct. 1.

The reconstruction of City Park Pool passed by the greatest margin, with 79.61 percent approval and 4,467 votes. The reconstruction of Cico Park and Northview Park pools garnered 4,000 votes, 71.76 percent. The construction of an educational center at the Sunset Zoo was approved with 61.04 percent and 3,412 votes.