Participation at Greek Olympics increases from last year’s event


Members from K-State greek fraternities and sororities braved stilts, 100-yard piggyback rides and even stuffed their faces with Jell-O at the 2009 Greek Olympics competition Tuesday night at Memorial Stadium.

Greek Olympics is part of the community’s annual Greek Week — three days filled of fun and friendly competition. Fraternity and sorority members attend events throughout the week and earn points for their respective houses based on percentage of members in attendance. The house with the most points at the end of the week wins.

Greek Olympics featured up to 10-member teams of sorority vs. sorority and fraternity vs. fraternity groups battling it out on the grounds of Old Stadium.

Competitive events included an obstacle course, a pool-noodle javelin throw, a water-balloon shot put event, a water balloon toss, a stilts race, a tug of war battle, a piggy-back race and a Jell-O eating contest.

Shawn Eagleburger, assistant director of Greek Affairs, said the olympics overall went well this year and was “very excited” to see the turn out, which he said surpassed last year’s.

“We had great weather and lots of people attend,” Eagleburger said. “It was a lot of fun and was great to hear over and over again, all the groups’ individual cheers and see them wearing their letters, supporting their sisters [and brothers].”

Greek Olympics winners will be announced tonight during the final Greek Week event, Greek Idol, at 7 in Bosco Student Plaza. Overall Greek Week winners will also be announced after the event along with the 2009 greek Homecoming pairings.