The Ruckus’ new album could become ‘pulse’ of local music scene


You might have seen the “elephant head” fliers around Aggieville promoting a CD release.

Brilliantly produced by Nicholas Istas at the Colour Room studio, the sophomore effort “Never Stop” by The Ruckus is an exemplary album. In fact, this CD just might be the new pulse of the Manhattan music scene.

Two years in the making, the sum effort is everything you could want as song after song captures the energy of the band live, making The Ruckus enjoyable anytime.

Kicking off with the familiar live opener, “The Ruckus is Going to Rock You,” the listener is taken on an adrenaline-filled, sweaty adventure with a ska forte, but also touching ragtime, folk, reggae, punk, dixieland and jazz — with a groove that hits like a freight train from start to finish. The album has it all – stories about love, pancakes and lost ambitions — even a redemptive hand-holding tune about friendship called “Don’t Slit Your Wrists Just Yet.”

It is difficult to find a complaint with a project filled with so much passion, as the effort is reflected in the music. All incorporated elements seem to have a way of complimenting each other; it’s apparent there is no weak link in the chain. The horn section arrangements are stellar, the vocals are heartfelt, the bass and guitar parts are epic, and the drumming is sublime, but no combination of adjectives can bring justice to describing this album; you’ll just have to pick one up.